All-in-one solution for preventing
and detecting wire transfer fraud

Trustpair helps major groups’ financial departments verify their suppliers’ bank details and automatically check their payments.

Ensure that every payment reaches

the right supplier with the right bank account.

Check supplier bank details within minutes

Nowadays, financial departments don’t have the right tools to check their suppliers’ bank details in a secured way. Insecure manual checks, process complexity, inputting errors : the lack of security in their controls increases the risk of fraud.

Trustpair automatically verifies new company account details instantly, identifying any errors or anomalies before the data reaches your Vendor Master File.

It helps you save time, money and allows operational teams to devote their energy to the core of their job. No technical setup is needed.

Trustpair prevents wire transfer fraud
Solution fraude virement audit fournisseur / Wire Transfer fraud solution - VMF Audit - Trustpair

Audit your Vendor Master File continuously

Managing and cleaning a Vendor Master File is a real challenge for financial departments. Trustpair found around 30% of obsolete data within clients’ VMF. This phenomenon comes from a lack of control on supplier data within time. Keeping Vendor data up to date is an operational and legal task to prevent fraud.

Trustpair continuously reviews and analyzes your Vendor Master File, ensuring your data is up-to-date and helping you identify and correct any errors or anomalies. An Audit Report will guide you and your team through correction guidelines and suggest enriched data automatically. 

Secure your suppliers payments

Multiplying checks within your Vendor Master File throughout the transaction journey allows signatories to proceed to transfer instructions with a complete peace of mind.

Trustpair automatically verifies your payment files before funds are released to your bank, and alerts you to anomalies or unusual behavior.

Trustpair is able to detect, block, and alert any fraud attempt in real time. Also, our platform delivers a binary risk assessment inviting you to pay your supplier, or not. 

Trustpair - Fight against wire transfer fraud

Financials from major companies use Trustpair

to check their suppliers’ bank details automatically.

Secure your supplier payment process

to manage wire transfer fraud risk within your company