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Trustpair is the leading third-party risk management platform fighting payment fraud for Finance departments in mid and large-cap corporations.

Trustpair SaaS TPRM platform

150+ Finance departments trust Trustpair

Trustpair secures Third Party Data throughout the Procure-to-Pay process

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Third Party


Add/edit a third party bank account


VMF continuous audit​


Batch payment verification

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  • 1 Check
  • 2 Audit
  • 3 Secure

Secure controls when editing or adding a third party

  • Control bank details instantly
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Natural and legal persons controls
  • Single or batch data import
  • No more input errors
  • Traceability of each controlled performed

Manage data reliability throughout the third party lifecycle

  • 360° overview of the third party database
  • Errors and anomalies detection & reporting
  • Enrichment of banking and legal data
  • Smart data suggestions & automatic corrections
  • Real Time monitoring
  • Alerts and notifications in real time

Ensure payment security before sending files to bank

  • Suspicious or abnormal behavior detection
  • Errors, duplicates and amount anomalies detection
  • In-depth control of each payment line
  • Compliance checks overview among payment journey
  • Integrated with payment tools

Main benefits for your Finance department Treasury department Accounting department Purchasing department Shared Service Center


Fraud protection

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Global Coverage


Business Tools Integration


Dedicated support & assistance

Strengthen Procure-to-Pay processes within your company to manage fraud risk.

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Trustpair is surrounded by the most prestigious partner network to support Financial departments of Mid-caps and major groups in their projects to fight wire transfer fraud and digitize their processes.

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CACIB x Trustpair
Crédit Agricole CIB enhances its Cash Management offer by partnering with Trustpair
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Press release – Montrouge, 12 May 2022


To provide its clients with further security for banking transactions in international markets,
Crédit Agricole CIB has signed a partnership with Trustpair, a third-party risk management platform specialized in preventing B2B payment fraud as well as process digitization. 

An additional service to guarantee the security of transactions

Transfer fraud and cybercrime are major challenges for the financial departments of large corporations, and have multiplied in recent years, particularly due to the digitization of activities and expansion of working from home. According to research conducted by Euler Hermes – DFCG in 2021, two companies out of three have suffered at least one fraud attempt and 14% of the companies concerned estimate the loss at more than €100,000.

Crédit Agricole CIB has selected Trustpair as a partner to offer their clients, active in France and abroad, a risk management solution that validates the identity of third parties – suppliers and clients – who are the beneficiaries of payments, along with the associated bank details, in order to avoid identity theft and payment fraud.

The Trustpair platform makes it easier for finance departments to prevent fraud on a daily basis by allowing them to:

  • Ensure a continuous control of the existing third party database, in order to be alerted in real time of any risks, and benefit from risk management dashboards;
  • Automate all manual processes controlling third party data, with significant gains in terms of security and time spent;
  • Integrate with their own tools and processes through connectors and Application Programming Interfaces (API).

This partnership, which is part of Crédit Agricole CIB’s strategy to continuously develop its Cash Management offer, will allow the Bank’s clients to take advantage of a complete range of services aimed at strengthening the security of their transactions, in addition to all the security, control and traceability tools already available.

About Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (Crédit Agricole CIB) 

Crédit Agricole CIB is the corporate and investment banking arm of Credit Agricole Group, the 12th largest banking group worldwide in terms of tier 1 capital (The Banker, July 2021). Nearly 8,900 employees across Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa support the Bank’s clients, meeting their financial needs throughout the world. Crédit Agricole CIB offers its large corporate and institutional clients a range of products and services in capital markets activities, investment banking, structured finance, commercial banking and international trade. The Bank is a pioneer in the area of climate finance, and is currently a market leader in this segment with a complete offer for all its clients.

For more information, please visit

Linkedin | Twitter

Press contacts Crédit Agricole CIB : 

Maryse DOURNES – + 33 1 41 89 89 38 –
Sandra CLAEYS – + 33 6 11 91 11 67 –  


About Trustpair

Trustpair is the next generation third party risk management platform enabling Enterprises to eradicate B2B payment risk while optimizing their procure-to-pay processes and securing third-party relationships

Created in 2017 in Paris, the company has 90 employees, its solution is used by more than 150 large  European and American corporates and is now endorsed by a network of first-rate partners made of banks, consulting firms and software publishers.  

Web site: 

Social networks : LinkedIn | Twitter

Press contact Trustpair :

Léonore BRIN –

infography img
INFOGRAPHY – Businesses fighting B2B payment fraud
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The fight against B2B payment fraud remains a priority for financial departments in 2022. To continue to face the challenges of security and digitalization and to fight ever more effectively against the risks of transfer fraud, Accenture, SAP and Trustpair have conducted a survey and have unveiled their 2022 Fraud Study. Through this study, conducted in partnership with Option Finance and Spoking Polls, discover : 

  • Which departments have to deal with B2B payment fraud protection?
  • How are security measures evolving?
  • What are the stakes for corporates in the face of B2B Payment Fraud in 2022?

B2B payment fraud, a reality for corporations

B2B payment fraud is a reality for corporations, regardless of their size. The pervasiveness of this exposure is pushing businesses to rethink their internal organization to deal with such threats and better understand the risks of cyber attacks, which are also becoming a major concern. IT teams are taking a stand in the fight against fraud and have become a key ally of finance departments in dealing with this issue.

Towards more efficient devices? 

Mid-sized and Large enterprises are evolving on how they approach the fight against wire transfer fraud, and transforming their internal systems and organizations as a result. While manual control methods remain prevalent, this study underscores a strong desire to move towards more automated and secure processes. Indeed, confidence in anti-fraud solutions is increasing, and these solutions are gradually being implemented into more and more organisations.

Corporate are becoming more mature

Corporates are becoming more mature in their approach to fraud management. They are increasingly aware of the risks, and in 2022, many will launch projects to deal with such threats. This trend is reflected in the increase in the number of anti-fraud technology solutions available, and the consideration of data integrity within third-party repositories. Combating fraud requires excellent data management, and a key challenge lies in companies’ ability to control the information associated with their third parties.

To learn more, download the complete study “Businesses fighting B2B payment fraud” now!

infography trustpair accenture sap

Download the infographic

img external fraude
External Fraud Risk And How Companies Can Reduce Their Exposure
Reading Time: 3 minutes

In this online world the consequences of fraud cannot be overestimated. Exposure to it can, however, be reduced in companies with the right education, systems, and practices. Fraud can come from external or internal forces. With Internal fraud, also known as occupational fraud, the perpetrator is an employee of the organisation in question. External fraud is committed against an organisation by outside perpetrators, sometimes with the help of employees.

The PwC Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2020 found that around 40% of fraud comes from external perpetrators, with around another 20% from collusion between internal and external forces. With the total cost of fraud for the 5,000 companies that took part in the survey globally adding up to USD 42 billion over the 24 months prior to the survey, this is a huge amount of money. And that is before reputational costs and loss of future earnings are considered.

External fraud is big business and a large risk factor for companies.

Examples of external fraud

There are various scams and schemes that organisations can fall victim to. For example:

  • False, inflated, and duplicated invoices: these can come from existing suppliers or contractors.
  • Spamming, spoofing, and phishing: fraudsters gather information through spamming (unsolicited messages), spoofing (emails impersonating individuals or organisations) and phishing (apparently legitimate emails requesting sensitive information). This information can then be used to make seemingly legitimate requests for funds that are then paid to fraudulent accounts. With CEO fraud scammers take over the email accounts of senior executives and request large payments that, again, seem legitimate.
  • Ransomware and malware: fraudsters can take control of files, databases or other sensitive information and sell it to other parties or hold it to ransom.

As the PwC Survey notes: “Some frauds – such as external frauds – generally strike from outside the company, are transactional in nature, lend themselves to active monitoring, and when managed properly may reduce financial impact”.

Best practice for protection against external fraud

As with many things, prevention is better than the cure. Organisations that audit their practices and procedures regularly, establish and correct any weaknesses they find will be more secure than those that do not. It pays to be prepared: the PwC survey found that “companies that have a dedicated fraud programme in place generally spent less (relative to revenue) on response, remediation and fines”. 

Educating employees

As technology evolves so do the means of obtaining money and information. Employees should be aware of all the techniques and scams and how to spot them. They should also be made aware of the best ways in which to report any suspicious activity.

Maintaining robust processes

Audits should be performed regularly and with sufficient detail to detect any anomalies. The sooner fraud is found the less expensive it will be in the long run. There should be strict processes for the movement of funds and clear segregation of duties. This will protect against both internal fraud and the opportunity for collusion with outside parties. All payment details and any changes should be verified independently, especially when they are requested by email.

Managing risk at all stages

It is important for companies to ensure they are dealing with who they think they are. Doing the due diligence to know your business is vital to avoid organisations unknowingly dealing with third parties that are involved in money-laundering or terrorist activities.

Protecting your company against external fraud with the right software

As the leading French company in the field of fraud prevention and detection, Trustpair can offer software solutions to help win the fight against external (and internal) fraud. Our systems provide automated processes that reduce third-party wire transfer fraud risk and add three extra steps to the procure-to-pay (P2P) process to make it more secure.

Our Bank Supplier Check software will analyse, monitor, and verify the bank details and company ID of third parties, reducing the risk of third-party wire transfer fraud. Our Vendor Master File Management software allows for systematic checking and continual verification of third-party bank details to avoid the usual degradation that occurs over time and as they move through departments.

Our software platform is intuitive and simple to understand. What is more, it can be deployed in less than a day as a web-app, or directly integrated into your business environnement. It gives peace of mind and frees up employees to focus on less time-consuming tasks that are more valuable to the business. It also reduces the risk of human error and exposure to corruption or bribery and provides a more tangible picture of anomalies and fraud risk. 

If you would like any further information about how Trustpair can help your company reduce the risk of wire transfer fraud, please get in touch. We would love to arrange a demo with you to show you how we can help.


Key Takeaways:

  • External fraud is committed against organisations and can be extremely costly
  • Prevention and early detection are key
  • Trustpair software will give extra security and peace of mind
Data Management: the cure for wire transfer fraud - write paper
Data Management: the cure for wire transfer fraud

Trustpair and Altares unveil a practical guide to support your finance department in its Data Management strategy. Companies need to define and implement a clear Data Management strategy, to optimize and make all the processes for collecting, qualifying, using and securing data more fluid.

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Businesses fighting wire transfer fraud in 2021

Trutspair, Accenture and Option Finance unveil the 2021 Fraud Study to understand how finance departments position themselves regarding the risks of wire transfer fraud. The study reveals that the fight against fraud is an important issue for 89% of CFOs.

The risk of fraud has exploded during the Covid-19 crisis and the manual processes traditionally used by companies were not able to absorb this surge in volume. Waves of fake president or fake vendor frauds have had serious consequences, resulting for instance in a loss of €6.6M for a large pharmaceutical company based in France.

The study underscores this ambivalence: risk awareness is increasing, but as of 2021, very few companies have invested − or intend to invest in − a digital solution to adequately prevent wire transfer fraud. The feeling that “fraud only happens to other people” is still prevalent, and the decision to invest is too often made in reaction to a fraud or to an attempted fraud.

Fraud Study Trustpair

Data Management : le seul remède à la fraude au virement ?

Véritable organisme vivant, les données relatives aux tiers évoluent et se dégradent dans le temps. Si l’on ajoute à cela le niveau de risque et de sensibilité élevée de ces données, assurer leur fiabilité devient un enjeu stratégique pour les entreprises. Lors de ce webinar Data Management, nos invités d’honneur Frédéric Paresy et Michael Lisch, Ingénieurs Avant-Vente chez Altares, interviennent au côté de Baptiste Collot, Président Trustpair afin d’échanger autour des sujets Data Management, Smart Data et lutte contre la fraude.

Avec l’essoufflement du modèle Big Data et l’émergence des nouvelles technologies, les données intelligentes, ou Smart Data, ont désormais une place de choix en entreprise. Elles n’ont plus d’autre choix que de changer leur modèle de management pour assurer la qualité de leurs données tiers tout au long de la relation d’affaires et ainsi sécuriser chaque étape de leur processus Procure-to-Pay.

Au programme du Webinar Data Management

    • En quoi consiste le Data Management pour les Directions financières?
    • Comment s’assurer de travailler avec des données tiers fiables ?
    • Quelles sont les grandes étapes pour réussir un onboarding fournisseur ?
    • En quoi une bonne gestion des données protège-t-elle des risques de fraude ?

Si vous êtes intéressé.e par ces thématiques, regardez le webinar Data Management en replay.

Replay Webinar Trustpair x Altares - Data Management

podcast & Trustpair - conformité lutte fraude
Allier conformité et lutte contre la fraude

Podcast proposé par : dans cet épisode, Baptiste Collot et Emmanuel Poidevin – CEO de – échangent sur la conformité, lutte contre la fraude au virement et plus particulièrement sur la maitrise des données fournisseurs.

e-Attestations part EN LIVE avec Baptiste Collot co-fondateur et CEO de Trustpair , la solution de référence pour lutter contre la fraude au virement en entreprise.

Dans cet épisode, Baptiste Collot et Emmanuel Poidevin échangent sur la conformité, lutte fraude au virement et plus particulièrement sur la maitrise des données fournisseurs. Les fraudes au virement se sont professionnalisées. Elles se sont massifiés et la finalité est toujours la même : l’usurpation d’identité. Les attaques sont récurrentes, les occurrences connues. Il ne s’agit plus uniquement de gérer le risque mais de le couvrir.

  • Comment sécuriser la chaine opérationnelle au quotidien ?
  • Comment maitriser la qualité de ses données ?
  • Comment couvrir l’ensemble des processus de création, modification et paiement de ses fournisseurs ?
  • Comment allier conformité et lutte contre la fraude ?

Cette problématique concerne aussi bien les grands comptes que les PME ou ETI. Bonne écoute.

Podcast Fraudologie - Fraude au virement - Sécuriser ses IBAN
Sécuriser ses IBAN avec Trustpair

Podcast proposé par FRAUDOLOGI€ : Qu’est-ce que la fraude au virement ? Quelles sont les solutions pour s’en protéger ? Comment sécuriser ses IBAN ? Pour vous apporter des réponses, Denis Pénot donne la parole à Baptiste COLLOT, Président de Trustpair.

Baptiste Collot est le premier expert auquel je fais appel pour enrichir notre vision de la lutte contre la fraude. Il a fondé en 2017 la société Trustpair après avoir travaillé dans un grand groupe français où il a été confronté aux difficultés pour gérer une donnée fondamentale dans la vie d’une entreprise : l’IBAN.

Podcast Forecast - comprendre la fraude au virement
Comprendre la fraude au virement

Podcast proposé par FORCAST : Comprendre la fraude au virement  est une chose, mais savez-vous comment protéger votre entreprise ? Afin de bien aborder le sujet, Jean-François Galeo donne la parole à Baptiste COLLOT, Président de Trustpair.

Usurpation d’identité, hacking, fraude interne, ingénierie sociale… En 2018, 70% des directions financières se sont dits victimes de tentatives de fraudes au virement. Elles n’étaient que 30% en 2009 !

Dans ce nouvel épisode de Forecast – Podcast, « le podcast qui met la lumière sur le monde de la trésorerie d’entreprise », Baptiste Collot, Président et co fondateur de la société Trustpair, nous parle d’un sujet dont il est expert : la fraude. L’objectif est simple : comprendre la fraude au virement.

  • Qu’est-ce qu’une fraude ?
  • Comment les fraudeurs opèrent ?
  • Comment anticiper et limiter le risque de fraude ?

Trustpair in the media

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