Trustpair digitizes Financial teams
to increase security and performance.

Discover why and how Trustpair was created and our ambition to digitize and secure every suppliers’ payments across the globe. 


Wire transfer fraud is a real burden for Financial teams. They occur because obsolete processes in Major groups are manual, insecure and a total waste of time. Trustpair automates supplier checks to detect wire transfer fraud and secures suppliers’ payment journey.

Created in 2017, Trustpair is an all-in-one solution to prevent wire transfer fraud. It was founded by three French entrepreneurs with solid backgrounds in Treasury and Data. Trustpair ensures that Financial teams pay the right supplier on the right bank account at the right moment. It is as simple as that.

Thousands of batch payments are sent out on a weekly basis. But signatories are not able to verify upstream processes, and cannot verify that each supplier bank detail has been correctly checked. At the same time, suppliers’ bank details within Vendor Master Files evolve, continue increasing and data is becoming obsolete. How can companies actually manage the data that is available in their Vendor Master Files?

Conceived by fraud experts, cybersecurity and data engineers, Trustpair is able to detect errors and anomalies throughout the suppliers’ payment journey. 



Our team is made up of carefully selected fraud and data experts. The requirements that we set are up to our ambitions: no room is left for approximation when it comes to transfer fraud.

Customer centric

From day 1, we have thought of Trustpair to serve our customers. We created this solution thanks to the understanding of the problems of our customers. They are the ones who have the most precise vision of their trades.


Currently, 80% of the time is spent in checking data and 20% in analyzing the business. We are reversing this trend, to support the Financial teams in their decision-making and free them from the time-consuming tasks of everyday work.

We are looking for new talents

to help us digitize Financial teams


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