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Since 2017, Trustpair has successfully run more than 150 payment security projects with mid-caps and large groups.

Dehon Group – Simplify and increase the reliability of supplier bank detail checks with a tech tool

Without disrupting the Finance Department’s payment process,  Trustpair’s IBAN control tool interfered with the company’s usual workflow: from the IRIS accounting software to the EBICS TS payment processes, the teams are now at ease when it comes to 

Octapharma – Mastering Vendor Master File data to take responsibility with peace of mind

One day, the company received a letter from a supplier (from the TOP 3 of the company’s partner suppliers) asking to modify its bank details. This person was very forceful with various members of the Finance Department,  so Mrs Harquel ended up having

Decathlon – Get a clean Vendor Master File and work with reliable supplier data to comply with Loi Sapin II

Over the last ten years, Decathlon has been the victim of several fraud attempts, including 3 cases which were not detected by the services and which fortunately failed thanks to the controls of the beneficiaries’ banks. acing this risk, the Company’s Finance 

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Secure your supplier payment process to manage wire transfer fraud risk within your company.

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