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Nowadays, financial teams run manual company bank account verifications which are time consuming and totally insecure.

Trustpair automates suppliers’ bank details control to avoid process complexity and inputting errors. Digitizing this process also helps accountants be more efficient and it saves time.

Trustpair verifies new company account details instantly, identifying any errors or anomalies before the data reaches your Vendor Master File.

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Contrôle des RIB / Bank Details Checks - trustpair

All-in-one solution for your
financial team

The all-in-one platform for numerous tasks such as:  accounting, treasury and finance makes it easier to manage the whole payment journey. Wave goodbye to inputting errors and add or edit any data in your Vendor Master File within a few seconds. Our technology will let you know instantly whether the company’s public ID can be paired with bank details, or not.

No IT deployment is needed. Within a few hours, Trustpair’s team can open up the platform to let you check your suppliers’ bank details online.


Keep an eye on every single

Keeping an eye on supplier data check can be a real challenge. Financial teams have limited visibility and control on the integrity of supplier data.

How can you ensure that your team has ran the right checks on every new supplier or change of information request?

Within Trustpair’s app, discover a synced dashboard with all your supplier checks information whether they are allowed or rejected and pay your suppliers in peace. 

Keep an eye on every single check

Check your suppliers bank details

throughout the transaction journey

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