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Check and evaluate your third parties natively from SAP

Benefit from all the advantages provided by the Trustpair solution within your ERP system thanks to the SAP connector.


Check bank detail within minutes through SAP

Trusptair integrates the automatic checking of bank details within SAP ERP.

The SAP connector enables you to simplify your process by smartly filling in the blank, enriching your third party data and delivering a binary risk assessment within your ERP.

You identify whether the binary risk assessment of your third party is favourable or unfavourable. Without the need for an external tool or person, you have all the cards in hand to pay your third party safely.

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Be notified of new high-risk third parties present in your ERP

Trustpair’s SAP connector brings you the value of continuous auditing of your Vendor Master File.

Within your ERP, you will have access to a 360° view of your VMF in which you can filter, classify and select your third parties. You will also have access to a detailed, readable and intuitive third party detail file for each of them.

This connector between Trustpair and your SAP ERP also allows you to be warned by email when a third party is identified as being at risk in your database.

Automatically check your third party bank detail through SAP to protect your company from wire transfer fraud.

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