Secure every payment to
your suppliers

Before proceeding to payments, Trustpair automatically checks your payment batch to detect any suspicious data.


Proceed to suppliers payments
in peace

Signatories are often held responsible in case of payment errors or fraud attempts. Meanwhile, they have absolutely no way to verify that a supplier check has been correctly made.

Here are some examples of supplier anomalies that are difficult to check by hand : abnormal amounts, duplicates, company holder doubt, fake invoice or wrong sort code.

Trustpair checks your payment files within minutes. You may proceed to suppliers’ payments in peace and protect yourself and your company from any payment errors or fraud attempts.

Vérification des paiements / Secure Payment - Solution Trustpair
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Detect any suspicious behavior

Setting precise rules for detecting suspicious payments is time consuming and not without risk. For example, a repetitive payment would not be detected in the midst of numerous payments. 

To go way further, Trustpair analyzes payment behaviors to detect any suspicious behavior. These payment behaviors analyses are also enriched with a mutualization process matched with anonymous client data across a range of sectors and industries.

When a divergent behavior is detected by Trustpair, the payment is identified as suspicious. However, companies often make exceptional payments, so our algorithms consider this issue and are able to manage False Negatives.


Protect your company against payment errors

In case of fraud attempt, Trustpair sends out an instant and multi-channel alert : in-app, by email or by phone. You will never miss critical information regarding your payments.

For privacy matters, you are able to edit the settings of these notifications by defining the critical matter, the recipient and the channel you prefer.

If a payment doesn’t reach the right supplier on the right bank account, an insurance is included. Trustpair is committed to refunding suppliers’ mispayments. 

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Secure suppliers payments

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