Audit your Vendor Master
File continuously


Sync your Vendor Master File
with real time data

Nowadays, Vendor Master Files contain around 30% of false or obsolete data. Many of them count thousands of suppliers and it is obviously impossible to check them all with manual procedures through time. 

Without wasting any time, how can you ensure that your supplier is truly the account holder of the bank detail you’re about to pay? How can you identify that a company is closed or recognize an inputting error or any kind of anomaly in such a big volume of data?

Trustpair automatically detects errors and anomalies within your Vendor Master File. Who knows? Maybe that false account related to any of your suppliers is an attempt of fraud. 

audit fournisseurs supplier audit
Audit de la base tiers / VMF ManagementSolution Trustpair

Prioritize your Vendor Master
File cleaning actions

Trustpair automatically detects errors and anomalies within your Vendor Master File and helps you get through your cleaning process successfully.

Proceed to your audit return analysis in Excel thanks to our CSV export feature. It will help you manage and prioritize every single correction and edit you need to be done when cleaning the infinite amount of data within your Vendor Master File.

Our Customer Success team will guide you through every step of the way to make it a quick and successful process. The audit return is the first step, you will then receive live notifications whenever a supplier is deemed suspicious or when there is an error in your file. 


Save time with our smart data

Save time and leave low value tasks on the side while Trustpair automatically suggests the right Vendor Account Holder that matches your supplier. Simplify every input you originally make when correcting errors or anomalies within your suppliers’ bank details.

After offering an exhaustive and automatic audit of your Vendor Master File, our technology sets you up with smart data suggestions to correct any company information that may be wrong (SIRET, registration number…). This process includes inactive suppliers, duplicates and factoring management.

45 to 85% incomplete data or inputting errors will be completed or disabled automatically. 

audit fournisseurs supplier audit

They use Trustpair

to have synced data in their VMF in real time.


Reinforce your supplier checks

to prevent wire transfer fraud